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assorted home security systems laid out on a table including different types of security cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and a tablet to monitor the cameras
a locksmith working on lock repairs in a residential space

Locksmith Services

Our highly trained and licensed locksmiths provide you with full-service lock installation, repair, and replacement services for your home. You can also request same-day or 24-hour emergency service for your most critical lock-related issues.

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a smartphone with lock and unlock buttons on the screen in front of a door with a smart lock

Locks & Keys

Baldino’s offers an array of options, ranging from key systems and smart locks to specialized high-security products. Ensure that any exterior or interior door is secure with the proper lock installation by expert locksmiths.

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a person looking at a wall mounted security system that is displaying multiple cameras around the house

Home Security & Automation

Keep yourself protected today with a security system that fits all your needs. Baldino’s installs wireless alarms that integrate seamlessly into your home using alert cameras, environmental sensors, alarm triggers, and full smart home automation systems. Get the peace of mind you deserve!

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Ready to secure your home today?

Call us so you can relax knowing your home is safe with Baldino’s residential locksmith services and home security systems.


a finger touching the keypad of a small safe

Residential Safes

Be confident in securing valuables, guns, documents, and precious collectibles in your home safe. Baldino’s also offers a variety of sizes from leading manufacturers, including Browning, Champion, and Superior safes, to protect all your valuables from theft, water, and fire. Our custom-designed residential safes and gun safes are made to any size and can include many upgrades based on your needs.

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Home safes protect all your valuables:

● Jewelry
● Precious metals
● Guns and ammunition
● Cash and coins
● Titles and deeds
● Stock certificates
● Financial records

● Estate documents
● Insurance documents
● Records
● Awards
● Collectibles
● Family heirlooms
● Photographs

Layers of Security

Baldino’s partners with you across all aspects of residential security.  


Physical Security

The first place to start is by having effective locks and doors. After all, it is your front line of defense in protecting your family, valuables, and property.


Keep your documents, guns, cash, and valuables safe from unauthorized people, burglary, fire, or water damage in your home.


Alarms give you peace of mind with protection to detect intruders, motion in and around your home, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and water leaks. They also notify emergency personnel.


Security cameras offer both a deterrence and a record of crime when it occurs.

Access Control

Controlling your entire home security system is simple with a convenient access control hub and mobile app.

Smart Automation

Automating lighting, thermostats, and environmental controls can provide energy efficiencies and an enhanced layer of security to your home system.

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