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The Key Duplication Process

The fine art of key duplication starts with a Baldino’s locksmith, who you can be sure has completed extensive training before installing your lock systems.

What does the training process entail?

It takes a minimum of six to twelve months to train a key smith—a person who just duplicates keys. They must master twelve types of machines and learn how to manufacture keys from codes or from scratch. To go on to become a locksmith, it takes four years of training to learn all facets of the industry. And because new products and electronics are constantly being introduced to the market, the training is continuous. Each locksmith must learn the alphabet of keys for over 1,000 duplicate blanks and be able to select the correct one for each request without hesitation.

All Key Blanks Are Not Created Equal
Not all key blanks are created equal! The strength and quality of the key blank is critical to its ability to resist bending or cracking at stress points.

Unlike many home improvement centers and hardware stores that charge less for key duplication by using thinner key blanks, we realize that thinner is not better. In fact, thinner key blanks tend to be susceptible to bending and/or breaking. Due to thinner construction, the key blanks will insert into the lock but wobble in the keyway, causing the duplicated key to turn hard or stick and break.

Our Locks and Keys
The key machines we use at Baldino’s Lock & Key are vital to creating locks and keys our clients can rely on. By using machines with accurate adjustment mechanisms and strong, powerful motors with high-quality cutting wheels, we are able to ensure the smooth milling of new key blanks.


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