Door Viewers & Peepholes

Are you looking for ways to improve security in your home? A door viewer, also known as a peephole, could be just what you need to stay protected and prepared for any situation. With a peephole in place, you can see what’s happening just outside your door without opening the door or letting an intruder in. And you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional peepholes with limited views and capabilities if you don’t want to! Baldino’s Lock & Key provides modern, up-to-date door viewers with a range of special features and the option to include a camera in the design.

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Types of Door Viewers

When you think of a door viewer, you probably think of the old fashioned peephole that allows you to see outside but can also allow outsiders to see you. Fortunately, modern door viewers have adapted to become more secure and provide you with a much larger view. Some specific types to think about include:

  • MiniScope. As the smallest type of door viewer, the MiniScope is ideal in apartment complexes or homes with thinner doors. It contains a 200-degree peephole that provides you with a fully clear view.
  • MiniView. The MiniView is designed for homes with extra thin doors, typically 1.5 inches or less, and is considered one of the shortest door viewers in the market.
  • XtraScope. Designed for reinforced doors, this peephole uses a conventional fisheye lens. It can be recognized by its thin, long shape.
  • NuScope. By providing you with a 1-inch viewing area, the NuScope allows you to identify visitors without straining. It uses a direct view lens and provides a 180-degree view of what’s outside your door.
  • WideScope. Designed to meet the strictest of industrial requirements, the WideScope is ideal in commercial settings. It’s built with heavy-duty brass that’s fireproof and scratch-resistant and contains an optical lens that allows you to see under any lighting conditions.
  • UltraVision. The UltraVision is an advanced projection-type door viewer featuring a glass lens that provides a 132-degree horizontal view of the outside. It allows you to see up to seven feet away and can be installed on doors of varying thicknesses.

Want to include a camera in your peephole design for added security? No problem! Our locksmiths can help you select and install a peephole camera so you can see what’s happening outside and no one will suspect a thing.

Install a Peephole in Maryland, Washington, D.C., or Virginia

If you’re looking for an affordable security solution for your home, a door viewer can be a great place to start. By providing you with a full view of what’s happening outside your door, a peephole can help you stay protected and prepared in the event of an intruder. And there are so many options to choose from! Whether you need a special door viewer for an extra thin door, a fireproof door viewer, or a peephole camera, customization is easy.

Home security starts with the front door. So don’t wait—if you live in Maryland, Washington, D.C., or Virginia, contact Baldino’s Lock & Key today to install a peephole and stay one step ahead of any intruder!

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