Panic Buttons

Are you looking for an emergency alert system for your home or business? Installing panic buttons can help you prepare for emergency situations, as they alert individuals in the building if there is a threat to your property. Depending on your needs, you can also include special features to connect the alarm to a monitoring center, alert the police when there’s an emergency, or activate closed-circuit television (CCTV) to record certain events, among other things.

Having an emergency alert system in place is crucial to mitigating threats in the workplace and at home. Contact Baldino’s Lock & Key today to install panic buttons in Maryland, Washington, D.C., or Virginia and stay prepared for anything with our state-of-the-art security solutions.

Benefits of Panic Buttons

Depending on your personal needs, the type of building you live or work in, and your budget, a panic alarm button may be just what you need to stay prepared for an emergency. Benefits of panic buttons include:

  • Elderly adults can use them to immediately notify a family member or caregiver when they need help
  • You have the option to activate an audible or silent alarm
  • They’re easy to use
  • They’re faster than using cell phones
  • You can use them to notify the police or fire department
  • And more!

Panic buttons tend to be particularly beneficial for elderly persons who live on their own, at company receptionist desks, in shipping areas, and any place where valuables are kept.

How Panic Buttons Work

Typically, a panic alarm button controls a panic alarm, which is an electronic security device designed to help signify an emergency. The panic alarm button is usually concealed and conveniently located, and can be customized depending on what your goals are for your emergency alert system.
You have the option to:

  • Connect panic buttons to a monitoring center that will be alerted through an alarm (silent or otherwise) when there’s a threat in the building
  • Use your alarm to contact emergency services or police during an emergency
  • Use your alarm to notify non-emergency personnel, such as an emergency response team
  • Activate CCTV when someone presses the panic alarm button to record the event in question

It’s important to note that there are many styles for panic buttons. You can either opt to have a single push button, two pushbuttons, or activate your panic alarm button with your foot. You can also choose to have panic buttons installed so that they can be discreetly pushed without making it evident to an intruder. It’s common, for instance, to install the button under a desk or countertop in business settings.

Looking for another type of special feature? Just ask one of our locksmiths for more options and we can provide recommendations accordingly!

Installing an Emergency Alert System in MD, D.C., or VA

Want to install an emergency alert system in Maryland, Washington, D.C., or Virginia? Whether you live in Baltimore, own a business in Gaithersburg, or manage security for an office in Bethesda, panic buttons may be just what you need to keep your home or building prepared for emergency situations.

At Baldino’s Lock & Key, we offer state-of-the-art, updated panic buttons and employ experienced, highly trained professionals to install them for you. We can also provide guidance through the selection process to help you determine the best features for your panic button alarm and any supporting lock systems you may want to install in the process.

Contact us today to install panic buttons in MD, D.C., or VA and help protect your family and employees from any threat.

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