Locks and Keys in Baltimore, MD

Have you lost your keys, recently moved, or noticed an increase in recent crime? If you have, you may want to have your locks re-keyed to avoid a break-in and new copies made in case of a future emergency. And Baldino’s Lock & Key can help! We have years of experience installing lock systems for clients in Baltimore and each of our locksmiths is rigorously trained in all aspects of key duplication and lock installation.

Don’t wait until someone breaks in to get new locks and keys! Contact Baldino’s Lock & Key today to keep your home or office safe with our state-of-the-art lock systems in Baltimore, MD.

The Key Duplication Process

The fine art of key duplication starts with the locksmiths at Baldino’s Lock & Key. After all, our locksmith company is dedicated to providing the best quality service—and we’re able to do so in part because of the rigorous training program we provide to all employees.

It takes at least six to 12 months to train a key smith—a person who just duplicates keys. They must master 12 types of machines and learn how to manufacture keys from codes or from scratch. To become a locksmith, however, it takes four years of training in order to learn all facets of the key duplication and lock installation process. Each locksmith must learn the alphabet of keys for over 1,000 duplicate blanks and be able to select the correct one for each request without hesitation. And in order to keep our employees up-to-date with the latest lock systems and electronic security solutions, the training process is ongoing.

Key Blanks

At Baldino’s Lock & Key, we understand how important the right key blank is for proper and accurate key duplication. In order to resist bending or cracking at stress points, it’s imperative that a key blank be strong and high in quality—like the ones we offer throughout Baltimore.

Many other locksmiths ignore manufacturer specifications when creating key blanks in an attempt to save money on brass and machinery. But at Baldino’s Lock & Key, we realize that thinner is not better—in fact thinner key blanks used for duplication in home improvement centers and hardware stores are prone to bending or breaking, which is why you can find them at lower costs. When they’re built thinner, key blanks will insert into the lock but wobble in the keyway, causing the duplicated key to turn hard or stick and break.

Our Lock Systems in Baltimore

The key machines we use at Baldino’s Lock & Key are essential to creating locks and keys our clients can rely on. All of our machines have accurate adjustment mechanisms and strong, powerful motors with high-quality cutting wheels, allowing us to smoothly mill new key blanks for clients in Baltimore.

What’s more, our locksmiths have the skill and experience necessary to properly use them. As part of their training program, lock experts learn to fine-tune each machine to achieve maximum performance. They then adjust the tolerance of every key machine on a weekly basis to keep them running efficiently.

Lock Installation in Baltimore, MD

Need new or extra locks and keys for your home or office in Baltimore?  Baldino’s Lock & Key provides lock systems for homes and commercial businesses, using years of experience in lock installation and key duplication to do so. And because we make sure to stay up-to-date with any trends or new equipment in the industry, you can be confident in the quality of our lock systems and the knowledge of our employees.

Contact us today for lock installation in Baltimore, MD and keep your property protected from intruders.

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