Installation and Repair for Hundreds of Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors

Baldino’s offers reliable commercial doors for corporate offices, industrial, warehouses, restaurants, hospitals, and more. Our highly trained, manufacturer-certified installers ensure your doors are installed properly, repair damaged doors, adjust door closers, and replace seals or fluids.

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two large bay doors and one small, red, metal door on the outside of a large commercial building

Metal Doors & Frames

Baldino’s offers a variety of durable, cost effective, and built-to-order metal doors to meet your needs including sound resistant, bullet resistant, wood-simulated, lead-lined, and hurricane certified.

  • Hollow metal & stainless steel doors
  • Aluminum & aluminum hybrid doors
  • Industrial & sliding cold storage doors
  • Sound damping metal swinging doors
  • Commercial fire-rated & hurricane certified metal doors
  • Hollow metal, aluminum & stainless steel door frames
a door handle on a wooden door in a commercial space

Wood Doors & Frames

We provide a range of wood doors and frames for you to choose from including acoustic, blast and bullet resistant, and fire-rated wood doors.

  • Hollow wood doors
  • Solid core wood doors
  • Blast & bullet resistant wood doors
  • FSC-certified acoustic wood doors
  • Commercial fire-rated wood doors
  • Hollow & solid wood door frames
a set of large, glass, automatic doors at the entranceway of a commercial building

Automatic Doors & Frames

Baldino’s offers a full suite of reliable automatic doors, track systems, and frames including all glass, energy saving, emergency, restricted openings, and trackless. We also adjust door closers, replace seals, and repair leaks.

  • Bifolding & telescopic doors
  • High-speed vinyl roll-up doors
  • Automated swing doors, security doors & exit lanes
  • Sliding door systems & all glass sliding doors
  • ICU sliding, fold/swing & manual sliding door systems
  • Concealed door closers & operators

Brands We Carry

Experts in Commercial door Installation & Repairs

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Getting Started

We’ll start with an onsite visit to understand your requirements and advise on options that best meet your needs. Then, we’ll prepare a detailed quote and provide installation timing. Reach out to our door experts today.

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